Die Marke Lukas / Inhaltsverzeichnis
LUKAS-NERCHAU Catalogue No. 151 - 2013
LUKAS MEDIUMS Oil Painting · Mediums
Painting Butter Medium No. 5
A slightly yellowish medium for making quick drying, highly elastic, pasty alkyd
resin oil colours. Dries like „pure“ oil colour. Insoluble in turpentine. Avoids cracking.
: Paintings that are stored for long periods in the dark may show some slight
yellowing especially in white areas. Light reverses this effect.
alkyd resin, thickener, siccatives, sunflower oil, mineral spirit
turpentine oil, mineral spirit / - / - dangerous goods (only air transport)
37 ml
Art.-No.: 2225 0009
PU 3
200 ml
Art.-No.: 2225 0014
PU 1
750 ml
Art.-No.: 2225 0750
PU 1
Siccative de Haarlem
A slightly yellowish medium for making fast drying resin oil colour. Cares for
healthy complete drying of the oil colour.
alkyd resin, acrylic resins, mineral spirit
turpentine oil, mineral spirit / N; flammable / dangerous goods
50 ml
Art.-No.: 2226 0050
PU 3
Cobalt Siccative
Strongly violet coloured additive, which in minute
accelerates the drying of oils.
: add with caution drop by drop; otherwise the colours stick permanently!
organic cobalt compounds in a solvent mixture
turpentine oil, mineral spirit / N; Xn; flammable / Dangerous goods
125 ml
Art.-No.: 2229 0125
PU 3
Modern Egg Tempera (Replacement) Medium No. 6
Brownish water-mixable binder for making classical tempera colours (egg yolk
replacement). Addition produces a stable mixture of oil and water colours.
For more details please request a product information sheet at
by phone on ++49 (0)2 11-78 13-0
alkyd resin, emulsifying agents, balsam turpentine, water, additives
water (turpentine oil) / - / dangerous goods
125 ml
Art.-No.: 2233 0125
PU 3
1 l
Art.-No.: 2233 1000
PU 1
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